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Elegant natural fiber brief for 13-inch MacBooks
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Mamba slim 13, black
Fits 13" Mac/PC
No longer available | Booq resellers

This elegant slim laptop brief is purpose-built to protect a 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air (or a 13-inch PC laptop of similar dimensions), iPad, iPhone, essential accessories, as well as documents and personal items–in style.
As a member of the Fibre Collection, its exterior fabric is made from an innovative natural fiber fabric that has been developed exclusively for the series. Waterproof and organically dyed, the unique properties of this material with its smooth yet rugged hand feel allowed the booq design team to achieve an extremely light and strong product with a timeless, luxuriously rugged elegance while conserving valuable resources.
The Mamba slim 13 laptop brief incorporates a padded notebook compartment for your 13-inch MacBook that is lined entirely in soft plush. While the bag's zippered front pocket, lined in premium nylon fabrics, is perfectly dimensioned for iPad (even inside a cover or folio case), flat items like magazines fit inside the bag's large back pocket which comes with a concealed quick-access pocket sized for iPhone (inside a case).
This slim 13-inch laptop bag is equipped with an extremely durable 38 mm (1.5 in) wide seatbelt nylon shoulder strap fitted with a (re)movable shoulder pad, and comes with a metal-framed booq Terralinq serial tag which may help reunite a lost and found Mamba slim 13 with its owner.

Features & Benefits

  1. Exterior made from natural fiber
  2. Genuine YKK zipper
  3. Slim, lightweight protection
  4. Durable seatbelt nylon shoulder strap



Fits 13" Mac/PC
Exterior 381 × 260 × 89 mm
15 × 10.2 × 3.5 in
Interior 325 × 227 × 25 mm
12.8 × 8.9 × 1 in
Weight 0.89 kg
1.96 lbs
Lining Nylon
Exterior Jute

Equipped with Terralinq™
Lost & Found Serial Number (why it's good)

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