booq Trademark Usage

Trademarks owned by booq need to be protected through proper use, which helps promote our strong brand identity.  

1. Sales Use: Only booq and its authorized resellers may use the booq logo & tab for sales purposes.  

2. Referential Use: Everyone may use booq trademarks & logos when referring to booq or its products, provided the use reflects favorably on booq and its products. 

3. Unauthorized Use: You may not: infringe on booq trademarks, use booq trademarks in a disparaging manner, apply booq trademarks to products, materials, web domains not licensed or authorized by booq, imply that booq supports third-party products or services when this is not the case, imitate booq trademarks or graphics. 

4. Proper Use: At the beginning of a sentence, use the spelling Booq, in all other cases booq. For legal purposes, use Booq LLC without a comma, as in "Booq is a trademark of Booq LLC." The all-caps spelling BOOQ should be avoided. 

When referring to our brand or product names, always spell them exactly as displayed on our website. It is not acceptable to alter our trademarks and product names in any way, especially by separating combined words ("slimcase", not "slim case"), or using the plural or apostrophes, as we are trying to protect the trademark or product name in an unaltered form. So, no Taipans, Taipan slimcases, Taipan skins or Taipan skin's (ugh!), but Taipan bags, Taipan slimcase bags, or Taipan skin laptop sleeves. The Mamba Sling's (wrong) shoulder strap becomes the Mamba Sling shoulder strap. 

Just remember that trademarks are adjectives, not nouns. "Bag" is a noun, "booq" or "Mamba" the adjective. Booq's products become products made by booq, booq products, or simply booq bags. 

5. Trademark Notice - U.S.: On communications used within the United States, use the correct trademark symbol the first time the trademark appears in the text (e.g. booq®), and use the following attribution: "_ _ _ _ is a trademark of Booq LLC." 

6. Trademark Notice - Outside U.S.: On communications for use outside the United States, use the following attribution: "_ _ _ _ is a trademark of Booq LLC." 

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