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Stefan von Gagern #withbooq
Favorite Bag: Cobra Squeeze
Stefan von Gagern is a long-time booq fan and freelance journalist based in Hamburg, Germany. He writes about a variety of topics in technology, media, mobile, and gadgets, and also provides social media and content marketing consulting services.
What do you like about Cobra Squeeze?
I like its modern, visually reduced appearance and its very practical, user-friendly design. The exterior material, which seems indestructible and water repellent and has an old-school feel, is just amazing. It's really cool and almost incredible that the fabric is made from old water bottles. The interior layout is very practical and the various pockets are well placed. All my important items each have their own place, which makes it easy to stay organized.
What do you do with your booq bag?
My Cobra Squeeze is my daily go-to bag, a real workhorse - just like my iPhone and MacBook. The bag shines especially on my business trips. Thanks to its practical side pockets, I can keep the main bag closed and still have quick access to tickets, iPhone, keys, and my water bottle. Someone really thought this through!
What's in your bag?
Booq has other nice backpacks, but Squeeze feels like what we Germans call Raumwunder - literally, a miracle of space or volume: Even though my Mac, headphones, 12.9" iPad, power bank, chargers, cables, jacket and much more fit inside this slim pack, it somehow manages to retain its slim contour. I tip my hat to the design team.
If Squeeze is ever close to empty, it weighs very little and when filled to the brim, it still feels comfortable also thanks to its generous back padding which keeps my back cool. My watch tells me that I sometimes walk a 10k on a busy trade show day, and Squeeze makes it much more comfortable than most other bags I have had.
Photo:Richard Thompson