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"I may have found the perfect carrying case for my 13-inch MacBook Pro and it turns out that it's a lot smaller and thinner than I thought I'd need. The Superslim by Booq is almost as thin as a laptop sleeve, but it's got pockets, pockets, pockets, which give me that little bit of added room for the few additional peripherals that I always need to bring with me. It's the best of both — ultra slim and useful. On the outside, the Superslim looks like a briefcase bag. The gray canvas exterior looks good with a suit or blue jeans. It's versatile. You can carry the case like a briefcase with the handles on top, or you can attach the included shoulder strap and throw it over your shoulder like a messenger bag. The few exterior accents are tan leather zipper pulls, which gives the fancy-schmancy look a little levity, so you can dress down and not feel like your MacBook case is too haughty. Plus, if you don't want the leather zipper pulls showing, you can actually remove them without having to cut them off. So you can be all fancy-schmancy when you want to be. The shoulder strap is made from nylon mesh and has a detachable pad that wraps around it, giving you extra comfort while your walking from one meeting to the next. The interior of the Superslim gives the entire case a casual Friday vibe. It's also made from canvas, but has a fun plaid theme. It's sort of like the guy in the office that wears a tie to work everyday, but also has novelty socks hidden under his dress pants — business on the outside, fun underneath."


Source: iMore

Bag:  Superslim, black-tan